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Worship of Village Gods
Dukh ka Jaagar


ukh ka Jaagar - someone is troubled and the gantua has divined that a bhut or masaan or other malevolant spirit is the cause and recommended that  a dukh ka jaagar to be held to persuade the malevolant spirit to identify itself.


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Airi Devta ka Jaagar
Airi Devta ka Jaagar - Jamam Ram in Math village
Gollu Devta ka Jaagar
Gollu Devta ka Jaagar - Jamam Ram in Math village
Hurka Jaagar
 Hurka Jaagar - held in the home from time to time.  Various types of hurka jaagar: kush, dukh, masaan puja, bhut puja etc.

Devi is the supreme village god.


Jai Guru, Jai Guru, Jai Guru Gorakhinath.
Your name is everywhere.
These goddesses are twenty-two sisters.
Their incarnation prevalent in all the four directions,
in all the four dhams (the most admired temples of god) .
the incarnation of mother prevalent,
their incarnation also prevalent in Sor (Pithoragarh)
and in Thakiladhura in rivers their incarnation prevalent in the form of Gardevi.
The incarnation of Jagdamba prevalent in Nandadevi in Almora
and the incarnation of devi Chamunda is prevalent in Durga devi.
The incarnation of mother is also prevalent in Devi-Durga.
She is worshiped and admired in the name of mother Bhawani (Bhawati).
The incarnation of mother is prevalent in all the four parts .
the incarnarion of devi Kalika is in Gangoli Ghat.
The incarnation of mother Jwalamukhi
and mother Ragatmukhi is derived from the land of Brahamah (Brahamah Lok).
The incarnation of mother derived from Bharamah lok
and from Vishnu-lok and also from the Maheshwar's.
the god guru incarnated from the Mahadeva
and Gaura Parvati incarnated from Shiv-lok.
The incarnation of mother Nanda is in Sashigarh.
The twenty-two goddess sisters in Sashigarh.
The twenty-two goddess sisters live in Shashigarh.
The queen (maharani) of goddess lives in Kanakar-Kot.
These goddesses are in a great trouble in Shashigarh
because nine lacs devils are incarnated there.
The twenty-two goddess sisters are in great trouble.
They become very sad.
They are saying that now what will we do in this Sashigarh?
In the morning time in byandhuri
mother will talk with Ari-dewta that we will go to the Byan-dhuri. You will stay at Shashisarh. They will go from there.
They called Kaluva Kesai (butcher).
The devils are saying that we will disappeared these kaluva kesai.
The mother is saying that sisters now what will we do.
We are killing one devil but the hundred devils born against this one devil.
Lacs and crores of devils are now incarnated in Sashigarh.
Hey mother the incarnation of devils
now the twenty-two goddess sisters are surrounded by devils in sitting at Sashigarh.
The goddess are telling each other that now where we should go,
sisters we are facing too much of injustice.
Among the twenty-two sister mother Kalika maintained her giant from,
Kalika mother asked the names of devils
and convert into volcano by maintaining her giant.
From the Ragatmukhi devi mother Kalika make her space in her one hand
what is the name of that goddess,
who kills all the devils and offered their blood to the mother Jwalamukhi.
They cheered in happiness.
The twenty-two goddess sisters and these people
started servicing of mother Agnimukhi devi maintained her giant form
and she is now not taking care of anybody.
She is not obeying anybody and from here only she started convincing the devils.
The god Brahmah, god Vishnu and god Mahesh,
guru Mahadev and twenty-two goddess sisters are all went.
They went to Sahsigarh to convince the mnother Agnimukhi,
Jwalamukhi devi and Dharuga. mother devi all disappeared.
The god Shiv-Shankar made a device now mother starts going
and for the eating of dewtas and now the guru maharaj came in the way
and mother Jwalamukhi put her feet on Bhagwan Shiv-Shankar.
Now God Brahamah, god Vishnu, god Mahesh and all the other dewtas
tried to convince bhagwan Shiv-Shankar and convinced bhagwan Shiv-shankar.
Step by step mother KAlika reached in the market of Gangolighat.
Your incarnation had been done in patal Bhuvneshwar (the underworld hell)
by the pan (kadahi) of hundred mans (one man is equal to forty kilograms).
The god Brahmah, god Vishnu and God Mahesh make fool of you.
The child mother Kalika had been incarnated in Gangolighat
and all the dewtas started doing jai-jai of yours.
Mother Kalika, the dewtas had make you pleased and they are doing jai-jai.
You please give your blessing to the listeners and those who are doing your jai-jai.